UK Driftwood is a Bright Idea

Continuing with the wooden theme which has featured heavily in this blog recently. We are now turning our attention towards driftwood and its increasing popularity in the interior design and lighting markets.

No longer a dried out symbol of decay. Driftwood is increasingly being utilised in the interior design world as a piece of distressed statement art. E2 have also seen demand rise for bespoke driftwood fittings.


Single Driftwood pendant

Single Driftwood pendant

Single Driftwood pendant

The pieces created at e2 add flashes of seaside beauty to any venue and are fashioned using real flotsam picked from the beaches of the UK.

Once the correct piece of wood has been selected for the project it is taken to the e2 workshop. From here the wood is re-enforced in a similar fashion that of regular wooden fittings and the relevant lighting is added.

The client for the above single log pendant was The Sheet Anchor public house in Staffordshire who requested something which was unique but also in-keeping with their nautical theme.

The driftwood plank pendant was created to illuminate the snug area of the pub. The five E27 filament lamps inserted into the wood give off a comforting warm light without deflecting from the rustic, distressed design.

Driftwood Nests

Driftwood nest pendant

Driftwood nest pendant

Driftwood nest pendant

E2 have also recently experimented with more circular driftwood pendants giving the nested feel. Once again the wood selected for these pendants was lifted from UK beaches.

Once again we inserted an E27 filament lamp to give the fitting a warm lighting effect. The wooden structure allows the light to puncture the gaps in the piece.

The light shining through the natural gaps in the fitting adds striking designs to the walls in any venue and make artwork from flicking a switch.

The driftwood sensation is showing no signs of slowing down. But our conclusion is that this can only be a good thing. The pieces make art from scratch and it is a wonderful way to help recycle beaten woods, whilst simultaneously helping to clean our beaches.

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