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Blog! Good Customer service is a good i-deer!

Welcome to the E2 Contract Lighting Blog, We have all experienced poor customer service at some point in our lifetime. It’s not something anyone likes to have to deal with. We have also all felt like we have no control at times…

Admittedly, not a great start to the first piece on our new blog. However it is because we at e2 have also been through the above situations that we are devoted to ensuring this never happens with our customers.

A little about what we do.

As part of our promise to remain as flexible as possible we do offer our bespoke lighting service, This means that whatever our customers can dream up we can bring to life!

We believe in working with our customers as part of our team throughout the process of a project from conception to completion. This way the customer feels as though they are valued and that they have a voice, this also ensures that we are remaining on track and within the client’s initial vision.

Flexibility is a key part of what we do at e2, so if there is a way of getting something done we will go the extra yard to deliver.

What to expect from our blog.

In this blog we will be endeavouring to show off some of the good work we are completing at E2. This will include instances of great service, some hints and lighting tips, recently completed projects; including some of the more ‘off the wall’ requests we have received and maybe some new products as well! Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed our blog!

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