Reclaimed Lighting

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Giving historic fittings a new lease of life | All items are restored back to working order | Without losing their authentic character.

Reclaimed Lighting from vintage bully pendants with all with different unique variations of cages and glass. Collection includes industrial reclaimed Linear Lighting with old style fluorescent tubes, Bringing back enamel shades with real rust and aging is the refresh of a popular lighting trend that made industrial great and unique.

As you can imagine there’re only a fixed amount of these items, so please get in touch for more info.

Vintage Reclaimed Bully Pendants

Industrial Reclaimed Fluorescent Lighting

Linear Lighting with old style fluorescent tubes.

Caged Reclaimed Lighting

Industrial cages providing protection in factory environments.

Enamel Shades

Enamel pendants from the past showing wear and tear with rust giving a real vintage look.

Vintage Reclaimed Lighting

Unique vintage pendants these are rare styles.

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