Wood is good!


As we all know the fashion world is in constant flux and people’s perception as to what’s ‘cool’ changes regularly. But the same can also be said for the interior design world.

Demand in the lighting sector of course varies from project to project and client to client/venue to venue. With this in mind it’s important to keep your ear to the ground for the next growing trend.

However, one material which seems to have stood the test of time in many changeable environments and genres is humble wood!

With this in mind e2 have been working with our design teams to promote some of our finer wooden creations. We have also been looking back at some of our completed projects with a particularly timbered feel.

As ever with e2 products, these have all been designed and created here in the UK. It is our belief that the reason wood is still so popular is because it is fashionably amiable. From skirting boards to our bespoke fittings anyone is able to customise the design through paints, decals, varnishes and sanding.

Old Wood.

Wooden Barrel pendant, The Beer Studio, Manchester Picture3 10478794_810417555713198_5500508739127566721_n (2)

e2 have recently completed a few projects which have screamed about the virtues of wood. Now the general consensus is that wooden fixtures in pubs works from an aesthetical perspective.

However, in these projects completed at The Beer Studio, Manchester and the oar lighting feature added to this beach house effect project showcases that even old wood can be repurposed to scream “from rustic with love.”

We used old whiskey barrels as pendant lighting for the Beer Studio project. Chopping the barrels in half meant that we could use both ends of the product. We re-enforced the wood to prevent shrinkage and warping. We then shaved down the slats to produce the beautiful gapped finish on the bar lights.  

New Wood.

Wood Tom Raff Ash circle cluster pendant Wood Tom Raff Ash circle pendant Wood Tom Raff Ash pendant Wood Tom Raff Ash pendant-lit Wood Tom Raff Ash tangle pendant

On the opposite end of the spectrum to recycling old wood is the fashioning of bespoke and standard fittings fresh from new timber.

e2’s bespoke wooden pieces created are steam bent to form the works of art which are sent out as end products. Once these pieces are in situe they offer a clean, natural but artistic feel to any space.

Wood is a material which will never completely run out of style. No matter how much the interior design scene changes wood has the capability and flexibility to run alongside trends and fads.

For more information about e2’s products or projects get in contact!

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