“Letting Creative Minds Loose”

Project Lighting Specialist based in the Heart of England.

We like to Invoke the Ingenuity of Lighting to bring Character into our clients surroundings rather than “just providing a solution”.

E2 Contract Lighting Prevails as beacon of Influence and “Go To” in the Hospitality industry for over a Quarter of Century.

We pride Ourselves on delivering Exceptional Customer Service to a Project on any Scale. Working from Concept up to Completion.

Meet the Team Who Make it Possible.


We offer full lighting design capabilities. Taking our clients through the full range of design, the team can offer initial scheme drawings. This will then develop into 2D sketches & CAD drawings through to 3D visualisations, Lux level analysis, Also to compile full project lighting design packs.

Site Surveying
Light Level Design
3D Visuals & Walkthroughs
Project Management & Presentation

Bespoke Lighting
Commercial Lighting Design
Pendant Lighting Design
CAD Lighting Design


One of our major strengths is the ability to produce bespoke
feature lights to your own specification. We have a wealth of
experience in a variety of material and manufacturing methods to
translate your detailed CAD files or hand drawn sketches into
something practical and functional.

All our bespoke lighting is manufactured and tested on site. Various methods to help achieve the final
goal, such as:

Powder Coating
Polishing & Spaying
Acid Etching
Sand Blasting
Tube Bending
Elbow Grease & Exceptional Craftsmanship


Don’t get us wrong, We are not saying that we can Manufacture everything… although we will certainly try!

However we can source lighting from a Clients Specification to get them exactly what they Desire or even offer Alternative Products to meet certain requirements, by utilising our many contacts throughout the UK & Internationally to source any off the shelf fittings.

We Love that our Clients use Pinterest and Mood-boards to capture Cornerstone Elements that inspire their Design Process and work with Us to find Spectacular Lighting in any way, shape and form.

Lighting Products
Product Sourcing
Lighting Project Management

Project Management

We don’t just  “Supply Fittings”

Achieving the Clients Vision is always the Goal. We like to keep a working relationship with our Clients to keep them updated throughout the project life-cycle. We take great pride in our Projects, even Attending opening nights of these Venues and maintain contact long after a project is Complete!

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