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Scandinavian Minimalism

The idea of Scandi Minimalism came about at the start of the 20th century in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark. After the opulent design choices of the late 19th century began to fade after WW1, the spread of industry meant that new designs were accessible to the general public. 

Key characteristics of Scandi Minimalism are that the designs are functional and inviting. These designs don't focus on what's trendy but on elegant silhouettes, calming colours and natural elements. 


Our Scandi Minimal Range



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Project Spotlight – Woolpack House, Stockport


Woolpack House, Stockport

Originally a public house built in the early 1800s, Woolpack House is now a dynamic co-working space for local professionals. 

Our aim with the project was to create a lighting scheme that reflected the history of the building, while also creating a modern and contemporary workspace. Our commercial lighting designer used traditional office lighting techniques to ensure that the offices met the best practices for efficient lighting, but also added some interesting twists for added personality. 

Traditional LED strip and ring lights were used in combination with statement hexagon LED lighting, while task lighting at desks were implemented with diffused glass for a more comfortable and relaxed space. This soft lighting approach continued throughout the building with dimmable wall lighting along corridors and spotlights to highlight seating and accent areas.


Shop The Look – Sustainable Lighting

Sustainability in Lighting

All manufacturing processes create waste either with the materials that are used and discarded, or the excess emissions and water waste. With the obvious effects that manufacturing has had on our planet lighting designers and manufacturers have begun to look at the way they work and how this influences the world around them, and E2 Contract Lighting is no different. From reusing packaging and reworking vintage lights to creating bespoke lighting with sustainable materials, we try to work in a more circular manner. 


Recycled Products



Sustainable Products



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Shop the Look – Holophane Glass

What is Holophane glass?

Holophane is the term used to describe glass that has been moulded to create crossed or parallel lines across its surface. This texture aims to 'trap' the light coming from within, creating a soft and luminous appearance with no glare. Patented in the 1890s, Holophane glass has been an integral part of lighting design for almost 150 years.

We most often use Holophane glass in projects that are looking for a cosy vibe. The texture of the glass adds a level of opulence while the illuminated glow creates a softer atmosphere. This makes it a perfect choice for bars and restaurants who want to create an intimate space for their customers. 

Holophane Wall Lights

Holophane Pendants


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Project Spotlight – The Orange Tree, Congleton


The Orange Tree, Congleton

The iconic 18th Century, Grade 2 listed building in Congleton was transformed over the course of 2023 with a £1m refurbishment. 

A modern and stylish venue focussing on fresh food and signature cocktails with the interior design handled by IMD & Associates.

With a brief of contemporary yet cosy, we chose elegant statement lighting that creates an intimate dining atmosphere with an added something special. The effect of this is a higher-end but relaxed space for diners, drinkers, and event-goers from the local community and beyond. 


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IP Rated Lighting Explained

What are IP ratings?

Welcome to the world of IP-rated lighting! While it can get very technical and complicated, the basic idea is that a product’s IP rating denotes how effective an electrical item is at keeping stuff out.

IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ and this rating gives a numerical value to signify what degree of protection the electrical parts of an item have from being touched by foreign objects or moisture. An IP rating consists of two numbers that can occasionally be followed by a letter.

The first number will be between 0 and 6 and shows the protection level against solid objects. These solid objects can range from fingers through to dust particles.

The second number will be between 0 and 9 and shows the protection level against moisture. These moisture levels can range from condensation through to full immersion in water.

The optional letter at the end of the rating indicates what (if any) additional certification has been done. This could include testing for high voltages, specific materials, or in specific scenarios.

What lights should I choose for my project?

Indoors – Most indoor light fixtures will never see moisture, so anything over IP20 can be used inside. Bathroom – There are 4 different zones in bathrooms, and each zone has different requirements.                 Zone 0 – Directly inside the shower or bath. Requires a fitting of IP67 or higher, that is also low voltage.                 Zone 1 – Above the bath or shower. Requires a fitting of IP65 or higher.                 Zone 2 – 0.6m away from the shower, bath, or wash basin. Requires a fitting of IP44 or higher.                 Zone 3 – Outside of Zone 2, with no chance of water contact. Requires a fitting of IP22 or higher. Outdoors – IP44 and upwards is recommended for outdoor use, but the exact number depends on the position of the light fitting. For example, for a porch light that is mostly protected from the elements, IP44 would be acceptable. However, for a light that could be exposed to heavy rain or dirt, an IP rating of IP65 would be required.  Commercial – Some commercial areas such as hospitals or kitchens require lighting that has a specific IP Rating. For more information about the requirements for these types of projects, please contact us directly.
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All of our lighting has an IP rating, but we tend to refer to IP-rated lights as those at IP44 and over which are suitable for bathrooms outside of Zones 0 and 1, and for general outdoor use. We have relationships with suppliers from across the UK, Europe, and beyond, so we can source a variety of IP-rated lights for any project. We can also source IP-rated components to design and create bespoke lighting.

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Project Spotlight – Harry Beswick, Heswall

The Harry Beswick, Heswall

Built in 1911 and designed by architect Harry Beswick, this building has spent most of its life as a police station. In November 2023 the building reopened as a cosy and welcoming Hyde's Brewery pub, with DV8 Designs leading the design. 

The challenge with this building was keeping some of the former police station's original features side by side with the new renovations. Creating a cohesive design throughout the sandstone and red brick building was essential in creating a community hub that reflected the station's history. 

The lighting design in this project also needed to be sympathetic to the building design and history. It also needed to help create zones inside the building, as customers would be coming to the Harry Beswick to drink, to socialise, or to enjoy a meal. 

With a mixture of statement chandeliers, decorative wall lights, and bespoke table lamps, this lighting scheme added interest and personality without being intrusive. Textured and opal glass made the eating areas feel cosy and intimate, while clear glass made the bar area brighter and more open. However, with warm brass and wood tones throughout the entire building, the lighting remained cohesive and welcoming. 


How to Add Colour to Your Light Fittings

Did you miss out on Blue Monday? Or maybe Pantone's Peach Fuzz isn't quite your shade of pink?

Colour is such an important part of the design process. It can change the entire feel of a project, and lighting isn't exempt. So, if you’re looking for a way to inject some extra colour into your space, let us tell you how!



Bespoke Brass Finishes

All of our brass components come to us in a raw finish, with marks and scratches and in different colours. Sometimes this mismatched and rugged finish looks great, but we generally want to finish our products to a consistent colour and standard. We scratch the parts down and then age them to create our five different finishes. Our brass range comes in Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Antique Brass, Bronze, and Pewter.

While Antique Brass is our most popular finish, each option gives a different feel and can impact your space differently. Satin Brass gives an elegant and modern vibe, whereas our dark Pewter finish works perfectly in industrial settings.

        Two-Tone Dome Wall Light               Magnifying Glass Wall Light                 Adjustable Picture Light         Double Prismatic Bulkhead Wall Light


Powder Coating

Another way of adding colour to lighting is in a different manufacturing process called powder coating. Powder coating is a high-quality finish where a pigmented dry powder is sprayed onto the metal products or components. This powder is electrostatically attracted to the metal, which is then exposed to high heat. This heat cures the powder and creates a hard coating over the metal.

As well as creating a stunning and even colour, powder coating gives a durable finish that is more resistant to scratches, chips, fading, corrosion, or other wearing. This makes it a perfect option for the high-traffic or exposed areas of your space.

Using a colour matching system called RAL, manufacturers can ensure that each product is consistent. Check out a RAL colour chart to see the full range of colours that are available.  


Natural Finishes

If you’re looking for something a bit more organic than a bright Barbie pink, a lot of metals can also be left to weather naturally. While most of our lighting is made from brass, steel can be rusted and then lacquered to create depth and character on a piece. Using rust on fittings this way can add texture to some spaces that would be otherwise hard to reach.

Colour is such a personal choice for each designer, project, and space, but with a variety of different finishing options, you can create a lighting system that works for you. Whether that’s powder coating to a specific colour, advising you on the best brass finishes, or working with a material's natural properties, at E2 Contract Lighting we aim to create bespoke lighting solutions for your space. Rusted Steel Double Spotlight

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